UPDATE 2024 - Time has caught up with me since 2022 when I wrote the content below and health/wealth deficiencies have now essentially morphed me from digital NOMAD to digital HERMIT which means I will now be doing far less with camera on head and far more Web-Apps. In more detail I can no longer travel overseas but I have an electric scooter I can use for local (Cairns FNQ) work IF I am motivated that way, but at present I am concentrating on Camino (etc) routes in Portugal and Spain as well as updating my UK content.

Back in 1964 Bob Dylan wrote and sang the classic song "With God on Our Side", which started as:

"Oh my name it ain't nothin'
My age it means less"

Similarly, I will simply say my name is Camo Rama (Camo for short) which is the Google name I use as a Digital Nomad and Google Local Guide as well as Google Trusted Pro Photographer. Age-wise I will simply say I am a Silver Digital Nomad, at the other end of the age spectrum to Bob (in 1964).

My services, which are "Google intensive", are delivered in what Google calls "Third-party Sites" and I call Map-Apps (maybe still "officially" Web-Apps until we reach Schopenhauer Stage 3?).

The best way to explain all this is via the news this week in June 2022 that Google Street View is 15 years old with some 220 billion of these Panoramic Images captured and Published on Google Maps.

Of course the vast majority were via the Street View CARS with Google Trekker (a 26 kg backpack camera) used for some "off-street" locations, but in 2018 there was a technology breakthrough with small and affordable 360 degree cameras, all explained in this motivational video (which I have watched 200 times).

The punch-line is

"The Future of Mapping is in Your Hands"

and I certainly took that on-board starting with the purchase of the same camera as the gal on the skateboard, but mounted on various hats and mainly used simply walking.

Anyone inquisitive enough to look down to the bottom of my panos will see the camera mount on top of my camo hat - the camera hides itself and the hat hides me as you will see in the image at the top of the screen. And as much as I dislike selfies, with a 360 "there is nowhere to hide" so you might call my camo hat my reluctant selfie.

In fact here is the actual pano (at reduced size) and you can twist and turn as you wish to see how this all looks.

I would point out that the word "Mapping" is used rather than simply "360 deg Photography" and that use of the word (Geographical Mapping) is indicated in the video with the gal getting off her skateboard, Publishing her work to Google Maps and creating blue lines (or dots) for the use of others.

Same for me but I then use "HTML Mapping" to create my Map-Apps which dispense with traditional menus (and all that messy RSD, CSS etc) in favour of cascading iframes (CIF at Schopenhauer Stage 3?), each one MAPPED to the one below, using the so called KISS Principle.

To conclude my own modus operandi, the simplicity and speed of doing a "walk through" in hat mode means I do the photography for FREE (which INSTANTLY goes to the Google Business Site of the location) and only seek fee/contra via the addition of a stand alone Map-App via Camo's Digital Nomad Services.

And because just about everyone in Greece on my recent trip viewing my badge on my camo webbing asked "where is your car?" I was moved to write "OFF" (under the feet of my Pegman Pin) to convey that cars don't go OFF-Street on beaches and inside restaurants, such is the very limited takeup/understanding of this new (in 2018) "The Future of Mapping is in Your Hands" concept.

Then, once the lack of Car was explained, the next remark invariably was "great job you have, does Google pay well?" to which I would retort "not a cent" and that is my cue to introduce the other 60 second Google video the "two cheese" video to explain the "Street View Trusted (available for hire)" Green Tick.

Once again he is using the exact same camera as me, mounted on a tripod and not a hat, but the message is the Green Tick is a certification by Google that the bearer of the Green Tick is AVAILABLE FOR HIRE (or contra/both) as hinted by the free meal.

The punch-line for this video is so quick and small you probably missed it (as I did for 4 years) but it is

"Double the impact of your Maps listing by adding photos and indoor Street View"

So the INITIAL (and usually ONLY) exposure of the Panos in the video above would be at the Google Business Site of the two-cheese lady, for which she paid (money or contra) to the green-tick man. He (or other people, as Street View is "public property") might well be offering some additional exposure using these Panos but that is purely up to the man and lady involved on a case by case basis.

Since 2018 I have made hundreds of these Map-Apps, far too numerous to list here, but that is not the intention of this Introduction because if you find and use my Map-Apps it will probably not be via "doing a Google" but via a QR Code at the location to which it applies.

So this Introduction simply says "this is me and this is what I do" and can be simply linked to my Map-Apps to be accessed IF the user wants to know the background (and most will not) and not bog down the actual content of the Map-App with such details. You can contact me at


For me, the only good aspect of covid was by preventing me going to Greece to do all these things for 2 years I was able to save up for a "proper" (dji) drone for taking high quality Panoramas acceptable to Street View.

So on the 2022 trip I was able to take about 50 such Panos and the Greek Islands provide the most glorious settings for doing so. And it seems that the viewers out there agree judging by early figures from Google.

This is the same Mylopotas (Blue Flag) Beach as above on the Island of Ios where neither the Google Car nor Trekker has ever been (for reasons unknown) so has been virgin territory for me on my 2019 and 2022 trips. The image above shows that after just 4 weeks one of the hat panos has had 268 views but the drone pano has had 1,709. So I will be taking many more of these (where appropriate/permitted/possible) in the future.

Here is how it looks so go ahead and give it a twirl. It makes you wonder why people go to the black sand of Santorini just to take a selfie when this magnificent beach is next door?

And if this Pano inspires you to take a walk over that hill to the Port Beach of Ios then that is the perfect cue to give an example of a QR initiated Web-App

Or at Beach to Beach Walk Ios

Have a nice Map-Apping day!